Saturday, September 02, 2006


Further Reflections on Whipping - Pt. IV

After reviewing the Total Immersion DVD on triathlon swimming I thought I could see where just about everyone on the DVD is already "whipping."

When I reviewed the Popov clips I could see that he is clearly whipping (up a storm) in his case.

I doubt that I have much to add to the already proficient...

But for the simple, middle of the pack triathlete like myself who has come to swimming rather late, the idea of whipping has certainly made a difference.

As I mentioned before, my background with a LOT of kicking (in football /soccer) ingrained in my legs the feeling of keeping the ankles stiff in order to kick the ball.

Running and cycling helped me to develop motions that see to hinder more than help the whipping action I am now trying to learn.

Pointing my toes, and even the driving hip, are more of a physical result of the right sensation than a key to what I am trying to "sense" in the water with my body.

I think that this idea of "whipping" may help people like me, but might not add much to already accomplished swimmers who have already ingrained the right feeling.

So, I am interested in any comments, but even more important -- actual shared experience with the drills, and even new ideas or drills that may help us all.

I don't understand all the text because i don't speak english well, but I try it. I like your blog. I love swimming, above all breaststroke , i like how Brendan Hansen swims. Do you like him?

Bye Bye! :)
Do you know Javier Gomez Noya and RaƱa?
They are 4 and 5 in Triathlon at the Olimpiades. They are from my city, Ferrol :)
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