Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Training for a Race

Today while I was swimming in the pool I decided to start a new blog focusing on the countdown to my race on Nov 12th, the Miamiman Triathlon.

While I have two other blogs, I just could not see myself mixing the contents of "Moving Back to Jamaica" and "Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle" given that they serve such different purposes. As far as I could see, this one would serve an entirely different audience, and would be first blog that I have that has nothing to do with my nationality.

What spurred me on were a few blogs that I wrote on swimming and on mastery.

I recently had a breakthrough in my swimmingm using the Total Immersion approach, and this came after years of practicing that technique, even as it has evolved. I somehow wanted to capture what I had learned about myself, with this new breakthrough in words, but I have never been a fan of keeping a private journal.

Afte all, we are all going to die, so what is the big secret about anyway?

So, I figured that rather than keep a private training log, I would keep a public one. And, instead of writing stuff like "ran 4 miles, felt tired" I would be able to get into the things that really interest me about the sport, and maybe even might interest others.

After all, it is an area of my life that I am committing to mastering so... here I go!

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