Tuesday, August 15, 2006



One of the reasons I am so interested in triathloning is that it offers a way to have fun while attempting to master three sports that I am not all that good at.

While I love sports, (and no, chess is not a sport), I don't have outrageous talent in any discipline I have tried. Of the three sports that make up triathlon, cycling is probably my strongest and swimming my weakest, relative to the average triathlete.

But, the lack of natural taltent makes me work my brain and spirit that much harder, and allows me to really focus on mastering the disciplines slowly, and deliberately, with great great planning and foresight, rather than by gift. I consider myself a diligent, thoughtful type --- so mastery for me has to do with using these strengths to get better.

In previous blogs I wrote about :

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These have helped bring me to the start of this blog.

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